23 May 2010

Race Committee

Hi Everyone!!

What a great day to be on the water!

Don, Chrystal, Ute, Abby, Mary Ellen, Rich O'Connell, and I made up the R/C contingent, with our good friend on Dark Island acting as mark boat at the high end of the course; they had Judi, Tom, Matt, and Dennis on board.

Good teamwork got everything together before we left the dock, so when we got out to the race course, we were all set to go. The wind cooperated, blowing a fairly steady breeze of about 14 kts the entire day. We saw some 16s for a while, but it was mostly out of a 160 for race #1, and 120 for race #2.

Dark Island did a fantastic job settting a great course, and we even got to call boats over early! That was fun, and a new experience for some of our crew! In fact, here is Matt, on Dark Island, during pre-race prep, but soon to be starring in "Matt and The Giant Peach:"

Coming back ashore, we ran into 90F weather, and a couple of us could not resist, and took the plunge into the nice chilly lake. Water temps are about 53F in the harbor right now, so it was a brisk jump, but well worth it to get the heat off. A few fizzy lifters, the reconcile the race times, and then the close of the day.

How sweet.

See you all on Wednesday for the Beer Can Warm-up!